Accidental Damage Plan Terms and Conditions

The purpose of Bullseye’s Accidental Damage Plan is to help cover the cost of repair or replacement of your child’s eyewear in the event of accidental damage. Standard manufacturer warranty on frames and prescription lenses still apply; this plan covers parts and labour costs to repair your eyewear in the event they require repair or replacement that is not covered under other manufacturing warranties.

Period of Plan

Your plan will commence on the date eyewear is collected from Bullseye Practice (or date eyewear is posted). The plan expires 9 months from this date and is not renewable.

Eyewear covered under the Accidental Damage Plan

  • All prescription spectacles and prescription sunglasses purchased for children aged between 4 years old and 16 years old (at the time of purchase) will be automatically covered.
  • Both frames and lenses must be purchased from Bullseye, within a single transaction
  • If the frame value is under $129, the Accidental Damage Plan will cover lenses only and exclude coverage for frames.

Eyewear not covered under the Accidental Damage Plan

  • Lenses fitted using an existing frame or with frames purchased somewhere other than Bullseye practice.
  • Safety spectacles, non-prescription sunglasses, and swimming goggles.


All repairs and/or replacement of frames or lenses due to damage are at the discretion of Bullseye practice. We will attempt to repair your eyewear first before issuing a replacement.

  • Non-original manufacturer’s parts may be used for repair of the eyewear if the manufacturer’s parts are unavailable.
  • If your frame is deemed irreparable, we will replace it with the same frame, provided the frame is still available.
  • If a replacement frame and/or prescription lenses are no longer available due to the age of the product or due to discontinuance by the manufacturer, we will replace your eyewear with a similar product of the same value and quality.
  • The damaged frame and/or lenses must be presented and exchanged to receive a replacement under the cover.
  • Unlimited repairs are available for your frame, up to the initial value of the frame as stated on the original purchase invoice, within the plan period of 9 months.
  • Maximum of one full frame replacement per person within the plan period of 9 months. Once a full frame replacement has been issued or the total cost of repairs has reached the value of the frame, no further repairs or replacements to the frame will be covered under the plan.
  • Replacement of damaged lenses at 50% off retail price within the plan period of 9 months.

Dispensing Fee

Each incident requiring repair or replacement of frames and/or lenses will incur a $30 dispensing fee. This fee is ineligible to be claimed from Medicare or private health cover.

Change in prescription

Repair or replacement of eyewear due to a change in your prescription is not covered under the plan. However, cover for the frame and new lenses will continue until the 9 month period is reached from the original purchase date


  • Any claim arising from deliberate damage, misuse, or neglect of the spectacles, including incorrect handling, cleaning, or storage of spectacles. This includes damage due to exposure to heat, UV, or chemicals.
  • Cosmetic damage where it does not affect the operation, function or safety of the spectacles.
  • Any discolouration, wear and tear or gradual deterioration of the spectacles.
  • Any repairs, alterations or modifications carried out by persons not authorised by Bullseye practice
  • Theft or loss of spectacles.
  • Any defect which is the subject of a manufacturer’s recall, design fault, manufacturing defect or otherwise covered under a manufacturer’s guarantee or warranty.
  • Any instance where you are unable to return your damaged eyewear for repair
  • Any costs involved in delivering damaged eyewear for repair, or returning eyewear after repair or replacement.
  • Any damage due to organised sport, boating, fishing, water sports, or skiing activities.
  • Any damage arising from fire or natural disaster.