RightEye Eye Tracking Technology

RightEye uses advanced eye-tracking technology to detect and analyse binocular and functional vision issues.


Eyesight is not the same as vision.

Someone with 20/20 eyesight can still have a vision problem. From driving a car to reading a book, learning and everyday activities require a complex range of dynamic and functional vision skills. RightEye’s eye-tracking system provides a precise and objective measure of a person’s eye movements and oculomotor ability as it is tracked and logged in real time.

RightEye Assessment

RightEye Assessment

Depending on the optometrist’s recommendations, the RightEye assessment may measure tracking, dynamic vision, reading, and/or eye muscle control. After the assessment is completed with our vision therapist, a follow up appointment with your optometrist will be scheduled to discuss the findings. A detailed report with visual representations of the assessment components is also provided.


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