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Speech Pathology opens doors to language. Language matters because it shapes thought.

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Why speech pathology?

Speech Pathology is all about communication! It involves working with people to develop speech and language skills for optimal understanding and expression across both verbal and written forms. Strong speech and language skills are necessary for many aspects of life including social interaction and play, friendships, literacy and academic pursuits.

Boy on the session of speech therapist. Lesson on the development of speech in kindergarten. Teacher spreads out puzzle in front of the child.

Our speech pathologist can help with the following areas

  • Receptive language (comprehension) e.g. following instructions, conceptual knowledge, understanding questions, problem solving
  • Expressive language (language use) e.g. vocabulary, grammar, sentence construction
  • Narrative skills e.g. retelling/recounting stories or events
  • Pre-literacy and literacy skills e.g. sounding out words, reading and spelling skills
  • Speech sound development (clarity/articulation) e.g. speech sound production
  • Speech fluency e.g. stuttering
  • Conversational and interpersonal skills
  • Play skills (early childhood)
  • Global Developmental Delay
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Attention Deficit Disorder

Our pathologists are friendly, supportive and ready to help patients overcome any challenges surrounding language and speech. We believe in play-based, fun therapy, developing language and communication strategies through play and fun.

 Our Speech pathologists are also trained in Autism assessments and enjoy working collaboratively and in partnership with other professionals, the family and child.

To access speech therapy services in Perth, please follow this link for new patient information. Alternatively, you can also contact us directly right here online.  We are also an NDIS registered service provider

1 Comprehensive speech pathology assessment

This in-depth assessment evaluates a wide range of speech and language skills needed for optimal learning, participation, and social development. Areas are assessed using a combination of parent interviews, clinical observations, standardised norm referenced assessments, and informal tasks. Areas of assessment will be prioritised according to parent or school based concerns, and each assessment will be tailored according to individual needs. A comprehensive report is provided following the assessment, and a feedback meeting offered to discuss the assessment findings and therapy plan.

The assessment is usually one hour although a second hour may be needed, if the child is unable to attend for the hour.

A feedback session is then booked with the pathologist to go through the findings, and any recommendations, therapy or strategies discussed.

2 Language essentials screening

Our language essentials screening provides a brief overall picture of speech and language skills. Fewer areas will be covered and a short, tick box report will be provided. This option is suitable for children who have concerns in only one main area e.g. speech sounds, stuttering. If areas of concern or difficulty are identified, a further in-depth Speech Pathology assessment may be recommended to look at specific skills and other factors that may be impacting on a child.

3 Individual speech pathology sessions.

Our one-on-one therapy sessions focus on developing speech and language skills identified from the assessment. An assessment is required with our speech pathologist before individual therapy can be undertaken. Therapy sessions are scheduled according to individual need, however they usually involve either weekly or fortnightly within-clinic sessions as well as home practice activities. Parents are also encouraged to sit-in on all sessions.

Please note: whilst not the focus of this clinic, other speech pathology services may be able to assist with feeding, swallowing or voice disorders as well as assistive and augmentative communication devices. Please check the Speech Pathology Australia website for further details.

Speech Pathology is all about enhancing communication. It helps in developing speech and language skills for optimal understanding and expression in both written and verbal forms. This is essential for many aspects of life such as social interaction, friendships, literacy, and academic pursuits.

Our speech pathologists can assist with receptive language, expressive language, narrative skills, pre-literacy and literacy skills, speech sound development, speech fluency, conversational and interpersonal skills, and play skills. They can also assist children with

  • Global Developmental Delay
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Attention Deficit Disorder

The comprehensive speech pathology assessment involves a thorough evaluation of a wide range of speech and language skills. Each assessment is tailored to individual needs, and a comprehensive report is provided afterwards.

Before individual therapy can be undertaken, an assessment with our speech pathologist is required. Therapy sessions are usually scheduled either weekly or fortnightly according to individual needs and include in-clinic sessions and home practice activities. Parents are encouraged to participate in all sessions.

To access our speech therapy services in Perth, you can contact us directly at Bullseye Clinic on (08) 9332 7222

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